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Naked Company
This is the signup page for SAG Nude Entertainment Services. Should you wish to join us in making an abundand amout of extra income, please contact us immediately. 

We have secure signup, and keep in mind that an screening and interview process to explain our service requirements will be done before you will be placed in our exclusive performers listings.

Important Notice is given that SAG Entertainment Services are NOT targeted to specific markets and performers are required to do everythign in the nude.  Public Nudity should NOT be one of your fears and performing in the nude in crowds neither.  WE do not pretend that this could NOT be a pleasurable service.


* Undressing is non negotiable - this is a nude service.

*  Toutching can be allowed with consent.

*  High Level of Service at all times.

*  Be on time for your gig.

*  Use of any form of drugs strictly prohibeted.

*  Be Professional.
SAG offers Gold, Diamond and Platinum Services.  In order to qualify for the different services it will be important during our interview to determine the level of work that you will feel comfortable in.  This process will be explained in detail during your personal interview.

We are looking for the following type of performers: