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Naked Company
You need an incredible amount of control

And when we say "control," we mean, you know, over your dick.
"If you get as far as an interview" - because not everyone gets that far - "you will walk into a room with an older dude. He will tell you to pull out your dick. You have 2 - 3 minutes to get hard.

You will be asked to masturbate for around 10-15 minutes, again, with no visual stimulation or anything. The director will tell you to cum. You have a 3 minutes tops, to blow your load.
In case you ever wondered what the male porn star audition process is like.
First, size DOES matter

They're looking for guys who have above-average dicks (we're talking 6-9"),  and who can show it off; directors want someone who "can get hard very quickly with little to no real stimulation."

And, like any other audition, "you have to have a professional portfolio. Modeling pics, maybe some experience, even if it's amateur. 

Then you only have 15 MINUTES to reset

Then you must get erect again and be able to maintain an erection for another 10 minutes or so and then you will be asked to cum again, . And better make it fast - it goes back to the control thing again.
Average Weight of a Male Porn Star: 76 kg

Average Height of a Male Porn Star: 1.7m

Male Porn Stars that have Tatoos: 24.4%

Male Porn Stars that have Body Piercings: 10%

Male Porn Star's Average Age: 24 Years Old

While there are few cultural rewards for bisexual men, except perhaps in the realm of increased hair products, in porn at least, there are definite financial benefits. Gay porn pays about three times as much as straight porn. For this reason, many straight male porn performers have done gay porn, enough to spawn the term gay-for-pay.

Be up front and honest with your limits. This is very important.

If you have any limits that you find you will not bend on then make sure to include these in your initial contact with the producer. Let the producer know that you will not bend on these and then stick to it. Limits include not doing anything without a condom, no anal, no bondage, etc. These limits need to be what you are personally comfortable doing and not doing.

Some amateur producers either want just regular pictures of you that you can have taken at home or they will want more professional pictures of you. If you do not have money to get these done, you can still get professional pictures taken for free.

In the modeling world these types of pictures are known as trade for pics or TFP. In a trade for pics exchange the photographer will take pictures of you for free that you can use in your portfolio. They will then use your pictures to enhance their portfolio. It is a win-win situation. A lot of these photographers will list themselves in the modeling forums also.