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Naked Company
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OK, you ready to either submit your captured footage or you desperately want to apply to join us for a professional casting and shooting opportunity.

Now let's see... we receive hundereds of applicaitons daily...yes...that's true!  The one liner text does not help us to make a decision if you will be suitable for work.  This means...it's deleted by our server.  If you applied during the last 2 months and received no response...now you know why.

Secondly - cumon...this is not an applicaiton to be a underwear model...is it?  Don't send us your pixlated beach pics...will not work. So what must you submit with this request?

a)  a Clear Face Picture - That will include applicants that will work in Mask or Blurred Shoots.

b)  a Full Body Frontal and Back Picture

c)  Surprise us with a 3rd pic...it should be a WOW one....up to you, or you can upload a short video in MP4 format with a
     frame rate of 480 x 320 and not bigger than 60000Kilobits, thats equal to 0.0512 GB or 58.59MB.  That will give you ample
     5 minutes normal resolution footage.

Please include a valid e-mail and contact telephone number.  We do NOT respond via any other sosial media format other than our official e-mail.  Neither should you respond to any other requests other than our official e-mail address.
You've checked, no one is looking...go ahead!
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